The Guru’s Youtube Version Of Wikileaks – Get It Free The Guru’s Youtube Version Of Wikileaks – Get It Free The Youtube Version Of Wikileaks – The Affiliate Marketing Masters Guide To Youtube Risches – FREE OK so I joined this affiliate marketing program based on the over whelming youtube views of my sponsor, I did what he said for me to do and a week later guess how many views I had to my video? A SUPER 4 Views!!! Getting back in touch with my sponsor was pretty much slim to none to not at all, heck “he got paid” so doesnt need me anymore, right? It’s not like I paid anything to join though but still, where was this freakin support I was told about, this whole team this and that, after 10 emails and no call backs I finally gave up on him and decided that HE was not going to spoil this for me, after all I did love the affiliate marketing concept and model, I went out to make this work on my own. So I began spending money here and there, spending and spending and a tad more spending with NO FREAKING RETURN!!! (also called ROI – Return On Investment) What do I do now, quit? Yeah right, not even a chance but through out all my failed attempts to achieve what I saw everyone else doing to gain success, it all finally began paying off and I mean BIG! Tools are great, software is awesome but unless you know where it is to find them and also know how to use them, they are pointless. I have learned a lot over the past few years and here is a very big secret for anyone new to affiliate marketing, the solid secret that

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